Nursing Delegation

Nurse Delegation Courses

Are you currently a Nursing Assistant – Certified and are looking for your Nurse Delegation or your Nurse Delegation with Special Focus on Diabetes?  Well COLUMBIA SAFETY has you covered.  These courses are a self study course, and when ready you can come in and take your exam with our Certified Instructor. Exam dates are currently held the 2nd Monday of every month.  Please call to schedule your time.

Nurse Delegation

The Nurse Delegation Program, under Washington State law, allows nursing assistants working in certain settings to perform certain tasks–such as administration of prescription medications or blood glucose testing–normally performed only by licensed nurses. A registered nurse must teach and supervise the nursing assistant, as well as provide nursing assessments of the patient’s condition.

Nurse Delegation w/ Special Focus on Diabetes

Welcome to Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants: Special Focus on Diabetes.
In spring of 2008, a law was passed by the Washington State legislature allowing nursing assistants to perform insulin injections as a nurse delegated task. Because of this law and nursing assistants like you, DSHS clients with diabetes now have the choice and freedom to live at home or in a residential care facility when insulin injections are needed.

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