Complete your Home Care Aide training in 10 days and receive your certification of completion after last day of class

Whether you are an agency provider or an individual provider, our in person Home Care Aide training will develop your knowledge to excel as an elite care team member

In person, seasoned instructor lead class!

Our in person classes are instructed by a fellow HCA with participation in the field and over 4,000 hours of teaching experience. To be in person as a learner means to have questions answered on the spot with no wait for an email back.

Multiple teaching methods used!

With our knowledge as a training center we have the understanding that every person is an individual learner. To provide the best guidance, our company has adopted 4 different teaching methods to adapt to your learning style

10 day fast track cohort!

No more waiting a month or longer to complete the training you need today. Columbia Safety understands the time sensitivity in Caregivers to meet the goals of certification in 120 days. With our fast track 10 day cohort you can be ready for State testing faster than the other programs.

About the HCA Program

The Home Care Aide basic training program is a 75- Hour course required by Washington State to provide the best quality of life through person-centered home care. The Home Care Aide program is a small, specialized course that starts at 5 students and caps out at 12 students in addition to being 100 % in person. No online theory, emailing questions or interrupted zoom classes.  We are here for you.

This course was built to turn any Caregiver into a knowledgeable Home Care Aide. From learning Washington State law on Clients Rights to population specific education, Columbia Safety offers a 10-day fast track to the DSHS approved training needed to assist your loved one or lay down a solid foundation to build a career in the medical field.  At this moment, more people are wanting to stay home and not be admitted into a facility so the  employment outlook for an HCA in Washington State is by far one of the fastest growing careers currently.  It is Columbia Safety’s mission to provide Washington State with an elite care team capable of providing safety, dignity, and independence to any vulnerable person. 

Upcoming Dates:

~ Spring 2024

Next Steps:

Step One: Sign up for the course!

Sign up for our next available training and complete your payment online (classes will be held in person). Our next cohort is Spring 2024!

Step Two: Complete the 10-day training!

Be ready to learn and on time each day for in person learning and hands on skills. Skills require Non skid closed toed shoes and a student can not be injured (ie. cast, sling, etc.) to perform these skills. We take health very seriously and would not want to see further damage done.

Step Three: Submit your application!

After completing the class, turn your certificate of completion into the Department of Health (DOH) with your application (if you have not done so already) and await for your testing email.

Entrance Requirements

To be accepted into the program, applicants must:

Program Pricing

Home Care Aide 75 Hour Training

Complete your training in 10 days!
$ 660 One Time Payment
  • Career orientation and safety
  • Introduction to who is a client
  • Infection control
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Communication
  • Skin integrity
  • Nutrition/Food handling*
  • Elmination
  • Assist with Medication
  • Dementia
  • Mental Health



This is a two day course that will refresh your knowledge for Washington State Hands-On Skills Testing!

Frequently Asked Questions

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