Reservation, Payment, and Refund Policies

Reservation, Payment and Refund Policy

Reservation Policy

  • Your seat in the course is guaranteed by your payment. If you do not pay the course fee, your seat in the course may not be available for you. If you commit to a course, please show up, we have limited space available. Registration by phone is offered, but again your seat in the course is not guaranteed without payment for the course. All Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are the responsibility of the participant. It is the responsibility of the participant to know what course they need to register for. Every effort will be made by Columbia Safety staff to ensure that this is correct.

Payment Policy

  • Columbia Safety LLC. accepts U.S. currency cash or all major debit/ credit cards as payment. Your course must be paid for in advance of attending. A “walk-in” fee of $10 will be applied to anyine not paying prior to two (2) hours before the start of the course.

Rescheduling Policy

  • Life changes and we understand that. We are happy to reschedule your course to a more convenient date upon the participants request. If your request is over 48 hours form the start of your course there will be no charge.  If your request is within 48 hours from the start of your course there will be a $20 rescheduling fee.  This fee will also pertain to students who do not attend their scheduled course or fail to notify Columbia Safety LLC. that they will not be attending the course they were scheduled for.  You will have 5 days from the originally scheduled class to re-schedule, after 5-days all monies will be forfeited. 

Refund Policy

  • Refunds will not be issued. If a student is unable to attend a course, “course credit” will be issued to the student. This will allow the student to re-schedule the course for up to 60 days following the original course the student applied to. After 60 days, the course credit will expire and not be able to be used. Any course credit issued will only be valid for the student that was originally assigned to the course. The re-scheduling Policy will also be followed for any student that does not show for a scheduled course, or a student that fails to communicate a need for a re-schedule. Any textbooks that have been purchased and opened (breaking the plastic wrap barrier) will become non-refundable.  Any un-opened product can be returned with a 25{ae071e295ab25398e04be5549f07ec2e3b3e1e746ff185d193a50e9f0036e38d} restocking fee. This will be determined at the discretion of Columbia Safety LLC. Management.

Late Arrival

  • Participants arriving later than 15 minutes for a scheduled course time will be considered a “no show” and will result in Columbia Safety LLC. rescheduling the student for a later course. Please see the “Rescheduling” policy.

Cancellation Policy

  • Columbia Safety LLC. reserves the right to cancel a course due to severe weather or low enrollment. Every effort to notify you as early as possible will be made. Refunds are not issued due to weather cancellations however the course will be rescheduled, or the student may transfer to a different course at their convenience without a rescheduling fee.

eLearning / eCard  Policy

  • Key codes will not be refunded after being sent via email. This policy will be treated separately from the “Refund” policy. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure they are enrolling for the correct course they need. After 90 days of the key code being issued, if it has not been activated, the code will be revoked by Columbia Safety LLC. If the participant has purchased a skill session to follow the eLearning session, it is the responsibility of the participant to schedule the skills session.
  • eCards from any discipline/ course will be issues on the first business day following the course taken. All efforrts will be made to email these as soon as possible.
  • If you have a greater need than above for receiving your card, please contact your instructor. Your instructor is not able to issue your card but can make arrangements for it to be done same day; a charge of $50.00 will be added for any immediate need eCard. 
  • If you do not receive your card, please feel free to contact the office and we will research the issue, may times this is due to ao mis-typed email.

Student Guest Policy

  • We understand that a language barrier may exist for a student. If this exists, the student may provide an interpreter at their own cost. This must not inhibit the learning of any other student. We encourage all students to have a strong grasp of the English language for reviewing course and test material. At no time, will children be allowed to attend a course with a parent. If the course is directed specifically for a child will be the only exception to this policy.

Specialty Classes

  • Columbia Safety LLC. endeavors to provide specialty speakers and specialized classes that are not normally provided elsewhere. This is at an additional cost to us. Due to the nature of these courses, Columbia Safety LLC. cannot offer any refund for any portion of these courses.


We make every effort to provide a comfortable and supportive learning environment. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, please speak with the Lead Instructor; call our office at 509.820.3883 or email

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