3M Fit Test Kit


The 3M fit test kit is an excellent investment for those who are required to perform annual fit testing. This product offers a user-friendly design that even seasoned fit testers will appreciate.

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Product Features-

Collar- The collar sits at the base of the hood which prevents the hood from collapsing on the user during testing

Labeled Nebulizers- Each nebulizer is labeled to indicate which solution it holds

Solution Containers- Each bottle holds 55 mL of solution, enough to complete approximately 150 fit tests though this number varies based on the individual’s sensitivity threshold



Fit Test Hood (1), Fit Test Collar (1), Sensitivity Solution Nebulizer (1), Test Solution Nebulizer (1), Bittrex or Saccharin Sensitivity Solution (1), Bittrex or Saccharin Test Solution (1), Replacement atomizer and cleaning package (1)


Weight 2.85 lbs
Fit Testing Protocol

Bittrex, Saccharin


2.85 lbs

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