3M Aura 1870+ One Size Fits Most N95 Respirator


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The 3M Aura 1870+ allows a large range of motion and offers long-term comfort for the user. This one-size-fits-most N95 is equipped with a fluid-resistant layer that will protect the user from droplets and sprays as well as particulates.

Product Features:

NIOSH Approved- N95 filters non-oil-based particulates with an efficacy rate of at least 95%

Elastic (Non-Latex) Strap- Enables a secure fit and lessens the frequency of headbands slipping during wear

Low Profile Fit- The Aura 1870+ design allows more room for eyewear and lessens the risk of eye irritation during use

Soft Interior Materials- Provides a secure fit without compromising the comfort of the user

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One Size Fits Most


For Adult Use Only


Aura 1870+

NIOSH Approval No.


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