3M 8210 One Size Fits Most N95 Respirator


The 3M 8210 N95 is the classic hard-shell N95. This N95 is a great option for many different face shapes and sizes, especially those who have a more round or larger face shape. These N95s are compatible with a variety of PPE including eye and hearing protective gear. These N95s are packaged in bulk, they are NOT individually sealed.

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Product Features:

Welded Straps- The straps on this N95 are connected using a latex-free adhesive for a secure fit

Adjustable Nosepiece with Foam Attachment- The adjustable metal band allows for a secure fit while the nose foam protects the skin from irritation

Hardshell Design- The rigid design allows for easy donning and doffing

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Weight (Per Unit)

8.6 oz


One size fits most


Adult Use Only

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