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AED Decals & Defibrillator Signs

The advanced technology that allows laypersons to successfully operate the latest Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) has been responsible for saving many lives since their invention. Once only available in medical facilities and emergency response vehicles, an AED rescue kit can now be found in most schools, businesses and public facilities. However, the problem remains that the equipment is not easily identified in an emergency. CPR kits and AEDs should be quickly detected with easy-to-understand graphics.
For easy identification, a defibrillator sign or large, colorful AED decal with instructions should be installed adjacent to any AED equipment. These AED signs will remind passersby of the availability of this lifesaving equipment. Here at HeartSmart.com, you have access to accessories needed to mount, advertise and explain the use of AED equipment. Kits should be kept complete and up-to-date, including all fast-response kits and CPR masks.

AED Wall Cabinets

Columbia Safety LLC. carries a wide variety of wall mounted defibrillator cabinets. Choose AED (defibrillator) cabinets from manufacturers including Philips, Zoll, Defibtech and Heartsine or choose our "one size fits all" Heartsmart AED wall cabinet. We offer defibrillator cabinets for all environments including indoor and outdoor use. We offer AED cabinets with options including audible alarm, keyed audible alarm, strobe and siren or no alarm at all for basic AED storage. All cabinets include free shipping.
It is recomended that all AEDs (defibrillators) intended for public or private use be stored in a highly visable clearly marked AED storage cabinet.

AED Pads & Replacement Batteries

Columbia Safety LLC. not only offers AEDs (defibrillators), AED cabinets , but also carries a full line of replacement parts and accessories. All AEDs require that the adult and pediatric electrode pads are replaced at specific intervals regardless of use. This is usually every two years, however, some models differ from this and we recommend that you check with us or your manufacturer if you are unsure. AED batteries are generally rated for at least four years, however, this to can vary from model to model and again we recommend that you check with us or your manufacturer if you are not sure. Keeping your AED batteries and pads up to date is essential to having a successful AED program. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your AED replacement pads or batteries.
Replacement items also include CPR/AED response kits that contain hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, a pocket-breathing mask for delivering rescue breaths, a chest hair razor and extra absorbent paper towels within a convenient zippered pouch. Rescue kits quickly and easily attach and detach from defibrillator cabinets door handles or carry cases.